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Our Lord for all His mighty works and blessings!

Wayne and Judy Rogers, for letting me make this site for her lyrics!
Jessica Raymond for her tremendous help in editing,
and my parents for the site.

I have colored the words to show when anyone else begins singing.  Here is my code:  Judy, man, lady, child(ren), choir, all, two or three together, echo (color of who echoes).

Information about the albums:

Warriors of Honor Soundtrack
Judy Rogers - Vocals in "Let Us Cross Over"
This CD is almost completely instrumental.  Here is the track list with the names of those who played them:
01. How Firm a Foundation - Stephen Barnes & Mike Gleason
02. Warriors of Honor - Stephen Barnes
03. The General's March - Judy Rogers, and Courtney & Molly Anderson
04. Firm Foundation - Judy Rogers, and Courtney & Molly Anderson
05. Let Us Cross Over - Judy and Jon Rogers
06. Confederate Waltz - Judy Rogers, and Courtney & Molly Anderson
07. The Mercy Seat - Jon Rogers
08. Morepeth Rant - Stephen Barnes
09. Angel of Marey's Heights - Stephen Barnes
10. Remembering Gettysburg - Jon Rogers
11. Irish Shoes - Jon Rogers
12. March to the Grave - Jon Rogers
13. Cole's Hill - Stephen Barnes
14. Red Haired Boy - Stephen Barnes
15. Solitude - Jon Rogers
16. Reprieve - Stephen Barnes
17. O Christ Our Hope - Stephen Barnes
18. Around the Campfire - Jon Rogers
19. On Leland's Bluff - Stephen Barnes
20. Antietam - Jon Rogers
21. Stone Gap - Stephen Barnes
22. Soldier's Joy - Jonathan Barnes & Drew Miller
23. Devil's Dream - Stephen Barnes
24. Reunion - Kerry Belcher
25. Lilies in the Field - Jon Rogers
26. Firm Foundation - Courtney & Molly Anderson
27. Wise Maid--The French - Steve Barnes & Stephen Barnes
28. Little Sadie/Lost Indian - Stephen Barnes
29. Deep River Blues - Stephen Barnes & Jon Rogers
30. Grace - Stephen Barnes
31. Dixie - Stephen Barnes

Here I Stand
Judy Rogers - Vocals
Former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore - His courageous and godly statements in "Here I Stand"
All songs, excepting "Here I Stand," are a compilation of a few songs each from:  Never Be Shaken, If You Love Me, Guard Your Heart, and Why Can't I See God?

Never Be Shaken was produced by Mike Gleason and recorded at Twelve Oaks Studio, Smyrna Ga.
Judy Rogers - Vocals and Composer of all songs except "Lord, Thou Hast Searched Me - Psalm 139"
Becky Morecraft and Judy Rogers - Vocals on "From Everlasting to Everlasting - Psalm 90"
Mike Gleason - Arranger, Keyborads and Guitar on "Expectation - Psalm 5"
Sonny Lallerstedt - 6 string Acoustic Guitar and Baby Taylor Guitar
Tim Huffman - 6 string Acoustic Guitar and 12 string Acoustic Guitar
Scott Needer - Drums Pandiro Djembe and Percussion
Pat Malone - Bass Guitar
Jon Rogers - Fiddle on "Lord, Thou Hast Searched Me - Psalm 139"
Terri Henningson - Violins
John Carrozza - Accordian
Bill deLoach - Tin Whistles and Low Whistle

If You Love Me was produced by Mike Gleason at Twelve Oaks Studio, Smyrna, Ga.
Mike Gleason - Arranger, Manager & Keyboards
Mike Gleason & John Carrozza - Engineers
Judy Rogers -
Becky Morecraft - in "Speak the Truth in Love"
Teresa Gleason - Solo vocal lines in "Thou Shalt not Steal"
Melanie Anderson, Christian Barnes, Joanna Barnes, Julie Barnes, Emily Laughlin, Becky Morecraft and Dana Weaver - Background Vocals
Trace Balin, Jennifer Carrozza, Jeff Goode and Michael Gleason - Studio Vocals
Sonny Lallerstedt - Guitar
Pat Malone - Bass
Scott Meeder - Drums
Jeff Sandstrom - Trumpet
Moira Nelligan - Fiddle
John Macinot - Tin Whistle
Micah Laughlin, Jr.  Judy and Wayne's grandson!  - Bible verse in "Honor Your Father and Mother"
Music and words by Judy Rogers, (Portion of "Holy, Holy, Holy" by Reginald Heber, 1783-1826)

Guard Your Heart was produced by Mike Gleason at Twelve Oaks Studio, Smyrna, Ga.
Wayne Rogers - Executive Producer
Judy Rogers - Lead Vocals, Guitar & Composed all songs except "Hallelujah! Praise Jehovah"
Kerry Belcher (Judy's brother)  - Bass and Acoustic Guitar
Randy Buggs - Bass Guitar on "Wisdom's House" and "Hallelujah! Praise Jehovah!"
Stephen Barnes - Lead and Rhythm Guitar
Mike Gleason - Keyboards
Joanna Badget, Julie & Joy Bearenbough, Brittney & Elliott Barnes, Mary Brantle Boyd, David Carver, Mary Beth & Kathryn Franklin, Kate Fischer, Bryan Lester, Seth & Rebecca Weaver, Jessie White, Jessica Wolfe, Carissa Howard, Joy & Joanna Frazier, Molly & Courtney Anderson, Jordan, Grant & Christian Belcher, Mercy Morecraft, Michael & Colleen Minkoff, Anna, John, Jordan, & Emily Shultz and Amy Doster - Children Singers
Courtney & Molly Anderson - Lead Vocals in "The Leech's Daughters"
Grant Belcher, Christian Belcher and Mercy Morecraft - Vocals at the end of "The Leech's Daughters"
Michael Minkoff, Anna Schultz, Colleen Minkoff, Jordan Belcher and Amy Doster - (in order) Solo Vocals in "Hallelujah! Praise Jehovah"
Becky Morecraft, Debbie Lester, Lora Weaver, Faye Sklar, Kerry and Robin Belcher, Jeanne Badgett, Nan Doster and Melanie Anderson - Adult Vocals at the end of "Hallelujah! Praise Jehovah!"

Teach Me While My Heart is Tender
This is a compilation of a few songs each from:  Why Can't I See God?, Stand Up, Go to the Ant, and Walkin' Wise

Arise, Shine was produced by Mike Gleason, Sonny Lallerstedt & Randy Bugg recorded at Twelve Oaks Studio, Smyrna, Ga.
Mike Gleason - Arranger, Piano & Keyboards
Judy Rogers and Becky Morecraft - Vocals
Micah Laughlin - Piano on "Jesus Saves" & "Candle of Faith"
Sonny Lallerstedt - Guitar, Mandolin & Drums
Randy Bugg - Bass

Stand Up was produced by  Mike Gleason, Sonny Lallerstedt & Randy Bugg at Twelve Oaks Studio, Smyrna, Ga.
Wayne Rogers - Executive Producer and Husband
Mike Gleason - Arranger & Keyboard
Sonny Lallerstedt - Engineer & Guitars
Judy Rogers - Vocals
Scott Meeder - Drums
Randy Bugg  - Bass
Emily & Jenny Rogers; Anne, Joey & John Calvin Morecraft; Christa & Candace Minkoff; John Franks, Greg Thompson & Dana Weaver - Background Vocals

Go to the Ant was produced by Mike Gleason, Sonny Lallerstedt & Randy Bugg
Mike Gleason - Arranger & Keyboards
Judy Rogers -  Vocals
Hugh Belcher & John Calvin Morecraft -  "Listen My Son" Vocals
Jenny Rogers -  "Talk to Me" Vocals
Christa, Candice and Charis Minkoff, Heather Bales, Jennifer Batts, Gillette Brown, Jenny Rogers & John Calvin Morecraft - Children's Choir
Sonny Lallerstedt -  Engineer, Guitars & Drums

Pilgrim's Praise was produced by Sonny Lallerstedt, Randy Bugg & Mike Gleason at Twelve Oaks Recording Studio and Sound Stage, Atlanta, Ga.
Wayne Rogers - Manager
Judy Rogers - Vocals and Guitar
Craig Pitman - Vocals, Guitar and Piano
Becky Morecraft, Sherre Pitman, Mike Gleason, Craig Pitman & Judy Rogers - Background Vocals
Cheryl Rogers, Mike Gleason - Keyboards
Sonny Lallerstedt - Mandolin

Walkin' Wise was produced by Sonny Lallerstedt and Randy Bugg at Twelve Oaks Studio, Atlanta, GA
Cheryl Rogers - Arranger
Judy Rogers - Vocals
John Calvin Morecraft & Becky Morecraft - Background Vocals
Craig Pitman - Piano on "My Heritage"

Why Can't I See God? was recorded at Twelve Oaks Studio, Atlanta, Ga.
Judy Rogers - Vocals and Guitar
Becky Morecraft - Background Vocals
Kerry Belcher - Guitar and Bass
Cheryl Jones Rogers - Keyboards
Sonny Lallerstedt - Engineer
Children of Chalcedon Presbyterian Church - Emily, Jenny & Jon Rogers; Anne & Joey John Morecraft; Corry, Sarah & Gillete Brown; Christa, Candace & Charis Minkoff; Nicole & Hilary Petro; Jennifer & Brian Batts; Jenny Hosch; Sarah Doster; Jeremy & Jason Jacons; Katie Hirsh; Melinda & Jessica Bowman; Hannah Farmer; Valerie Howard

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